COVID-19 Update: March 29, 2020

Dear ECDC families,

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this situation. The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the Board’s plan for the Center for the month of April. 

As you may know, Governor Brown’s Order 20-12 limits operational daycare to those providing services to first responder/essential workers for which the Early Learning Division has set specific requirements.  Eugene Child Development Center does not fit this category.  As a result, we will remain closed for the duration of the Order. 

Unfortunately, although we are closed, we continue to have some fixed operational expenses – such as rent and utilities – that we still need to cover in order to ensure the continued operation of our Center.  We are exploring every funding option available to us, including insurance claims, relief grants, and even a small business low interest loan (as a last resort).  We have reached out to our landlord and received an agreement to temporarily reduce our rent, with the understanding that it will be paid back within the next year.  This is helpful and we are grateful to them, but it does not solve our situation entirely.  We must continue to pay our fixed expenses to both assure our ability to reopen and to avoid future rate increases to cover those expenses incurred while closed.

We are aware that this crisis affects each family differently and many of you may now are in the position of needing to pay for alternative childcare.  However, we know that this community, just like all of us, is looking forward to the day we can reopen our doors safely and so we are asking for your support in making sure that we have the continued resources to do so. We are hopeful that each family will continue to support the Center financially during this period in whatever way they can. 

After a careful look at the Center’s finances and operating expenses, the board has calculated fixed expenses at approximately 24% of our normal expenses while operational. If each family were to contribute 24% of their normal tuition a month during this closure, those fixed expenses would be covered.  Below you will see those numbers broken out by classroom and schedule.


5 Days...$ 352.80  


5 Days...$ 327.60  

3 Days...$ 245.76  

2 Days...$ 180.24  


5 Days...$ 272.40  

3 Days...$ 204.48  

2 Days...$ 150.00  


5 Days...$ 249.60 

3 Days...$ 187.20 

2 Days...$ 137.28 

However, we understand that this puts a particular burden on families with multiple kids and, frankly, is not possible for every family.  Therefore, we are asking families to contribute as much as they are able, from 100% of their normal tuition to 0%. Since care will not be provided for most of April, this can be considered a tax-deductible donation.  As each family’s financial and tax situation is unique, we encourage you to consult with your tax advisor before assuming a given outcome, but please note that families will be provided with the appropriate documentation if they are willing and able to contribute.  As with all financial information at the Center, individual contributions will be handled directly with the Center Executive Director and will remain confidential. The Board will receive total contribution amounts, but not details about family contributions.

We are working as hard as we can to make sure the burden of this extended closure is not placed entirely on you, the families that we serve. To that end, we are also creating an online giving campaign to allow extended families and friends to contribute to the future of the Center. This campaign can be accessed on our website, through our Facebook page, or by going directly to our Fundly page. We encourage everyone to share the campaign on their social media and with their friends and families. These donations are also tax-deductible, but do incur processing fees through the online platform so we ask that families use the attached form to process their contributions.

Please fill out the attached form with your contribution and return to Elaine, either by direct email [] or by using the Submit button on the form itself.

We just successfully relocated and, to be clear, have every intention of reopening.  We cannot wait to see you and your children walk through our doors with smiling faces once again.  Please let me know [] if you have any questions.

Be safe and be well.

Hannah Bulkley,  President of the Board

Board of Directors, Eugene Child Development Center

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