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COVID-19 Update: May 06, 2020

Hello ECDC Families,

If you recall from our last communication, the Board was expecting an announcement from the Governor’s office today regarding a draft of guidelines for the reopening of the state that would outline which businesses can open when. We were hoping this announcement would help determine our next steps, however the announcement did not happen. The Governor did release a framework on May 1 for benchmarks that need to be met in order for the state to reopen, however there is no specified timeline currently applied to this framework. For the time being, we must remain closed due to Governor Brown’s executive order 20-19. We are hopeful though that as news develops we will be able to project a reopening timeline and framework. 

Funding Update

The Center’s application for the Paycheck Protection Program was approved and on Tuesday morning, we signed paperwork accepting the funds. However, there is still much ambiguity surrounding the program and its regulations pertaining to how and when the money must be used and how much will be considered forgivable. The Board does have some time to decide if and how the funds will be best used. It is our intention to care of our staff as best as possible, while also preserving the Center’s future, and I’m pleased to let you know the vast majority of our staff members report that they are doing fine and receiving their unemployment insurance, although they miss our community. The decision to hire staff back on limited, borrowed funds without a clear timeline of when we can reopen is a very difficult one. We are hesitant to incur any large amount of debt, as that could be just as damaging to the Center’s future as having to close temporarily. This is why your donations in April mean so much!

On that note, I would like to send a huge thank you once again to anyone who donated to help cover the Center’s fixed costs for the month of April. Your generosity in this extremely difficult time is astounding and humbling. 

For the time being, we remain closed, which means we face another month of rent and utilities and other fixed costs. As a reminder, approximately 24% of our regular tuition fees go to cover these expenses. If you are willing and able to make another donation to help cover the Center’s fixed costs for the month of May, please fill outthis ACH form or contact Elaine. Our Fundly page is also still active and has been updated to reflect our new goal ($20,000 or two months of fixed costs while closed). Covering our fixed costs while we are closed ensures that we can reopen in the best position possible given the current crisis. We can’t say enough how much we sincerely appreciate your continued support. As with April, any funds that are raised in surplus of our need will be added to reserves and likely used to offset future rate actions.

The Board is scheduled to meet again next week. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Thank you,

Hannah Bulkley, 

President of the Board

Board of Directors, Eugene Child Development Center


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