COVID-19 Update: May 12, 2020

Hello ECDC families,

I want to thank you for your once again generous donations for the month of May! Unfortunately, I did not give sufficient notification for our directors to set up the ACH pull for May 10 (which would have been processed on May 11). I sincerely apologize. I should have sent the reminder for May donations sooner; however, I was hoping to deliver more information regarding reopening at the same time to reduce email traffic to your inboxes.

If you were planning on making a donation to the Center to help us cover fixed costs for May, and submitted an ACH form for May 10th, we would greatly appreciate it if you did one of two things: fill out the ACH form again for May 25th and resubmit to Elaine, or email Elaine acknowledging that the Center has your permission to process the previously submitted ACH on May 25th. 

I know you are all extremely busy and stressed, and so I apologize again for creating extra steps for you to complete.

The board is scheduled to meet this week, and I will send another communication shortly after that.

Thank you,

Hannah Bulkley, 

President of the Board

Board of Directors, Eugene Child Development Center

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