Eugene CDC Reopen Update: June 9, 2020

Hello ECDC Families,

Please find attached the new operational policies and cleaning/sanitation protocols for Eugene Child Development Center. These are based on requirements by the State of Oregon for operating under an emergency license during the current pandemic, which we have been approved to do.The State of Oregon requirements for operating under an emergency license are also attached for your reference. Please read the new policies and protocols thoroughly, as many procedures, such as drop off and pick up, will look different than we are used to. There are also new sick policies, which will be very important for you to be familiar with. Please keep in mind that all of these new restrictions and requirements have been passed down to us from the State of Oregon. The Center has no choice but to abide by these restrictions. We are happy to do so, as they are designed to keep our children, families and our staff safe and healthy, but we want to make sure you are aware of the restrictions as we realize this may inform your decision on when to send your child back to the Center for care. As circumstances regarding the current pandemic change, we will review our policies and requirements and make adjustments as necessary. Families will always be informed when changes to the policies have been made.

Because we cannot legally operate at full capacity at the moment, we need to be very conscious of balancing our revenue and costs. In order to determine how to balance the needs of both the center and our families, we are requiring a response to this email, from each family and for each child enrolled, to provide us with the following information:

  • Understanding that the Center will be reopening on July 1st, when do you plan on your child returning to the Center for care? Please provide a specific date.

  • How many full days per week will your child be attending?

  • If you are not currently interested in full time care, are you willing to change to full time enrollment, if needed to secure a spot? (This would include paying for full time tuition.)

  • If you do not plan on sending your child back at this time, are you willing to begin paying tuition to hold your child’s spot? (We do not know when we will be allowed back to full capacity and may have more children than spaces, therefore cannot guarantee a spot without this.)

Please contact Elaine by 8 AM on Thursday, June 11th. Elaine and Kerry will be following up on Thursday, June 11th and Friday, June 12th with families from whom they have not heard back. If we do not receive a response from a family and cannot get in contact with them, we will have to assume they do not need care at this time and no place - either in the classroom or on the waitlist - will be held for them. 

Once we receive this information from all families, we will be able to organize classroom assignments and staffing. We will then reach out to confirm placement the week of June 15th. Upon placement confirmation, families will need to sign a form acknowledging consent to the new operating policies.

We realize the reduced capacity will require us to make some difficult, but (hopefully only temporary) decisions. If demand for care exceeds a classroom’s new capacity, spots will be given to children based on the below criteria.

  • Essential worker, as defined by the federal guidelines

  • Full time care

  • Siblings

  • Length of time at center

  • Part time care

  • New families

Families who do not immediately get their spot back will be placed on the waitlist based on this criteria and will be given access to spots as capacities are expanded in the order in which they are on the list. It is our hope that the Governor will realize this new business model with lower classroom capacities is not sustainable without subsidization, and will act to correct this as soon as it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. It remains our goal to reopen the Center at full capacity. As soon as we are allowed to legally, we will add those lost spots back to our classrooms.


Hannah Bulkley, 

President of the Board

Board of Directors, Eugene Child Development Center







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