Eugene CDC Update: July 7, 2020

Hello ECDC Families!

We hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July! We definitely had something to celebrate -- the Center is open again! Granted, the circumstances and restrictions are not ideal, but we are happy to be working to provide care to you and your children once again. Speaking of which; If you need care, please contact Elaine. 

The first week of operations under our new Emergency License went well, and we will continue to work out any kinks we encounter.  Our operating hours under our current emergency license are 8am-5pm. This is a cost-saving measure as the State is not allowing us to operate at full capacity. Further, it allows our staff the time they need to perform the extra cleaning and sanitation they must do in their classrooms without requiring them to work longer hours. We realize the hours are not convenient for many working families. As we are allowed to expand our operations and more families return for care, we will of course look at expanding our hours once more.

While we are open, the Center still has on-going needs such as improvements to the back gate, new sun shades for the playgrounds, and improvements to playground equipment. These are all examples of how continuing donations made to the Center will be put to good use. Our goal remains to provide a safe, full reopen as soon as we are legally able to do so, and we’d love the Center to be in tip top shape when that happens. If you or someone you know are able and willing to make a donation to the Center, please return this ACH form to Elaine by 5pm on Wednesday, July 8th. 

We also wanted to take this opportunity answer some questions that families asked during our first week:

Q: Which staff will be wearing masks at the Center?

A: Lead teachers are not required to wear a mask because they are stationed with their stable group, and do not move from group to group, although they may wear a mask if they wish to do so. Administrative staff and float teachers are required to wear a mask, as they visit various groups and rooms briefly throughout the day; in order to help cover teacher breaks, for example. Additionally, we did check with our licensor and she confirmed that Governor Brown’s mask mandate for all indoor public places does not apply to us. However, to keep our staff and kids safe, we do ask that all family members who are dropping off or picking up please wear a face covering when doing so.

Q: What should I do if I go to the back door of my child’s classroom for pick up and the staff does not notice me?

A: We are working on improved signage for family members on where to go for pick up. However, you can always call Elaine’s cell phone (541-228-8703) or the Center number (541-345-8887) to let staff know you are here for pick up.

Lastly, we regret to inform you that in the interest of keeping everyone safe, we are cancelling our annual end of summer picnic. This is a very special event to us as it allows us all to gather together and celebrate our Center, but it does not make sense to hold this event under current circumstances. We greatly look forward to holding this event next year.

Thank you all. Please continue to be safe and enjoy your summer!


Hannah Bulkley, 

President of the Board

Board of Directors, Eugene Child Development Center

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