Letter from the Board, re: Fires

Dear ECDC Families,

I cannot believe I am writing to you regarding the closure of the Center again, due to yet another emergency. As you know, the active wildfires in our state have diminished our air quality to hazardous levels. Elaine, our Director, spoke with our licensor and was told that the Center must close if the air quality is at a level above “unhealthy for sensitive groups”. This was the initial reason for our closure on Tuesday. Elaine also visited the building yesterday to check on things and reported that the air inside smells heavily of smoke. It is not safe or reasonable for anyone to be in the building right now.

We are continuing to monitor the air quality situation on a daily basis. As soon as the air quality improves to the “orange” level, we can reopen. We are also considering the fact that we have staff members who are currently under evacuation notices. As you can imagine, this is an incredibly sensitive and difficult situation.

We will keep you posted on the status of the Center via email and we will try to get postings on our website and social media as quickly as possible. If you have any questions at all, please contact Elaine at Elaine@eugenecdc.com.

Thank you for your resilience. Stay safe.

Hannah Bulkley

Board President

Eugene Child Development Center

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