Eugene Child Development Center offers programs for Infants through School-Age Children. We strive to make learning natural, enjoyable, and active. Through balanced curriculum, engaging activities, community involvement, and a welcoming space, we encourage children to act on their ideas, grow their problem-solving skills, work as a team, and develop as a whole person.


Eugene CDC offers healthy and nutritionally balanced meals throughout the day. With an in-house cook, the Center provides a full breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack, all included in the standard tuition cost. The Center meets all USDA standards on nutritional guidelines.



At this time, our Enrichment Programs are suspended due to COVID-19. We look forward to the day when we can re-incorporate our music, language, gymnastics, swimming lessons and field trips back into our day to day curriculum. In the meantime, we are focused on continuing to provide the best curriculum we can to our children and their families.



We have playground areas for every age group and use them several times a day. We also go out for walks rain or shine (including the infants!). You may have seen our groups around town with our shiny name tags pinned to our rain coats.

Feet in Leaves



The infant program provides lots of cuddling, personal attention, and quiet playtime appropriate for the babies. We maintain a low teacher-child ratio to provide opportunities for bonding between infants and care givers, meet each child's physical needs, and prevent over-stimulation. Babies are allowed the freedom to explore without confining equipment such as swings, highchairs, or walkers. Instead, babies are held or put on the carpet to wiggle, roll, and exercise their bodies. We also have a covered outdoor area specifically for the infants to explore safely.




Our Wobbler Room is comprised of our wonderful one-year-old graduates from the nursery and they get to do some of the things the big kids do! Our Wobblers eat in the dining room and have a playground outside that they share (at different times) with the Toddlers (2-year-olds). They get to play in a classroom just for them, go on buggy rides in the community, have music class twice a week, and play outside every day. The focus of the Wobbler Room is transitioning to a toddler schedule, encouraging language and social skills, and developing independence skills.




The toddler program incorporates numerous group activities for children to develop social and emotional skills. Circle time, which includes stories read by the teacher and group singing, is a very important part of the toddler's day. Daily walks give children the opportunity to learn how to cooperate in a group with teachers and explore nature and the neighborhood around the Center.



The preschool atmosphere is nurturing, flexible, and respectful. Children have many opportunities to be social as well as the freedom to choose their own activities. The classroom is carefully designed to provide a variety of challenging and creative learning experiences. We believe play is central to young children's learning and the classroom is carefully organized to keep children involved and challenged.

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This program provides a unique learning environment for ages 4-6 years. The focus is on choosing age appropriate activities that are challenging and will help the children be excited about learning. To help children prepare for kindergarten, the class is divided into small groups with each lead teacher to work on math, literacy, writing, and other skills. Children who are kindergarten age (age 5 by September 1) are provided a special kindergarten curriculum each afternoon that aligns with common core standards.

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Our After-School Program (12:30 - 5:00pm) is designed for children in kindergarten up until 11 years of age. We have 4J transportation from Willagillespie and Buena Vista Elementary schools, and can accept children from other schools if parents can transport them to us. We are flexible with the new COVID school schedules! All children in this program (and staff) wear masks. At this time, we do have openings, so please give us a call! We will also be taking applications for our Summer Program shortly, too. 

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